DAV 5K Boston welcomes active duty officers and veterans from all branches of the US military and local law enforcement groups. Together, with citizens from more than 200 Massachusetts communities, we will run, walk and roll as we celebrate the DAV 5K Boston’s return to DCR Fort Independence on Veterans Day Weekend 2021.




Paid, registered veterans will receive a technical DAV 5K shirt for participating.



Veteran commemorative bibs will be distributed to all registered veterans and service members in appreciation of their service.


My company and I have been involved in supporting the DAV, in any way we could for over a decade now. We have seen so many incredible and impactful things the DAV has done for their memberships. We particularly appreciate the fact that the DAV works with individuals, and a very real life way. They are so significant to people and their lives directly. When I became disabled myself, they were right there in the hospital room with me and my family. The amount of uncertainty and fear they help to alleviate, we would never be able to put a dollar amount on, or ever be thankful enough for! The DAV 5K is a great way for myself and the company to participate, give back, and have some fun.

In 2019, I attended the DAV 5K Boston for the first time. The day was one I will not forget. It is a huge event with thousands of the most dedicated supporters of our disabled veteran community that I have ever met. Words do not do any justice in describing the energy you feel from being surrounded by such kind, considerate and warmhearted, purpose driven selfless people. Which is the same energy I have experienced in meeting all of the board members, staff, and volunteers with the DAV Department of Massachusetts. I am excited to be returning again this year, and I'm proud to be a Life Member of the DAV. I am grateful for all they do in advocating for benefits and services to make sure the disabled veterans of MA have everything they need to live with the greatest quality of life that they deserve, and I am grateful for all those that donate to make it all possible.

As an Veteran and Life Member of DAV, and a National Service Officer I run the Boston DAV 5K each year. DAV 5K has been a phenomenal event my family and I to attend as there is SO much more than just the run itself. I have met so many great people, been introduced to amazing resources, and connected with fellow veterans each time. My wife and my daughter love helping fundraise for the event, and we all enjoy participating in the event not only as a fun day out, but knowing that we are helping DAV continue their mission, empowering veterans to lead high-quality lives with respect and dignity. DAV 5K is a great way to get out and support your Veterans in your community and abroad!